Women's Tennis Falls Short in G-MAC Semis, 4-0

Women's Tennis Falls Short in G-MAC Semis, 4-0

OWENSBORO, Kentucky - The Walsh Cavaliers women's tennis team, ranked 59th in the country, took on the 47th ranked Tiffin Dragons in the 2022 Great Midwest Tennis Championship Semifinals on Friday (April 22) in the 2 vs. 3 matchup. 

Tiffin defeated the Cavaliers 4-0 in the semifinal. The Dragons started with a 1-0 lead on two doubles wins. Tiffin was victorious in the second, fifth and sixth singles matches for the win. 


1. Emily Barrett (T) vs. Risako Umekuni (W) 6-0, 3-6, 4-3, unfinished
2. Carina Avram (T) def. Shantala Uzcategui (W) 6-1, 7-6 (7-5)
3. Emily Young (T) vs. Nicole Beidacki (W) 7-5, 3-6, unfinished
4. Anaelle Lepinay (T) vs. Alexa Gamborino (W) 5-7, 6-5, unfinished
5. Allessandra Maganuco (T) def. Chiara Wolff (W) 6-1, 6-3
6. Jessica Peace (T) def. Carla Padberg (W) 6-3, 7-6 (7-4)


1. Allessandra Maganuco/Anaelle Lepinay (T) def. Risako Umekuni/Alexa Gamborino (W) 6-2
2. Emily Barrett/Emily Young (T) def. Shantala Uzcategui/Nicole Beidacki (W) 6-1
3. Sharanya Shetty/Carina Avram (T) vs. Isabella Sanchez/Carla Padberg (W) 3-4, unfinished

Walsh's season ended with a 16-7 record.