Sports Medicine

Walsh University's Sports Medicine staff is dedicated to providing care to all student-athletes in the Department of Athletics. To help provide this care, we require that each student-athlete submit information about their health, insurance and sign a statement on the assumption of risk while playing sports.

This paperwork must be completed prior to any athletic activity with your team each and every year. At the very top you will find two links: one for new student-athletes to Walsh University's Department of Athletics and one for returning student-athletes. Please select the one that is appropriate for your situation and follow the instructions on how to complete the required information. Please fill out and submit all information at least two weeks prior to your first athletic activity with your team or the first day of class of the fall semester.

Walsh University encourages all new student-athletes to submit a pre-participation physical completed by their primary care physician, including any paperwork documenting previous health issues or surgeries. This physical must be filled out on the form found in the electronic document section of Athletic Trainer System that we ask you to log into.

Walsh University also requires that all new student-athletes submit proof of their sickle cell trait status, regardless of race or ethnic origin. This test is required in all fifty states in newborn screenings. Depending on availability of records, this result can be used. However, if these results are not available, we will require the student-athlete to have this test performed.

If you have any questions, please call (330) 490-7027, or email

FAX: 330-266-7301