Walsh University believes that intercollegiate athletics are an important and wholesome adjunct to the principal purposes of the University: (1) advancement of knowledge fostered through close student-faculty interaction, and (2) building on the six core values of hospitality; service; respect for self, for others, and the world within which we live; integrity; an ethical approach to problems in life; and excellence in the teaching-learning process. The intercollegiate athletic program is not necessarily limited to students with special skills and aptitudes. Participants must be, first and foremost, students whose fundamental aim is to obtain a sound education.


A major mission of the University is to achieve an increasing level of excellence in the quality of its programs. Students who participate in intercollegiate athletics are directly involved in the achievement of this mission of excellence, and by such participation provide a unifying means of community and University visibility.

Walsh University believes that a well-balanced program in intercollegiate sports is important so long as it remains in proper focus with the real purposes of the University, so longs as it remains under academic control, so long as the players are bona fide students, and so long as the coaches strive to instill qualities of honor, sportsmanship, and clean play.

The relationship of athletics to the educational experience at Walsh is one of mutual support. Reciprocal encouragement is directed toward excellence touching all facets of the University community. Selective resource support based solely on the sex of the participating athlete is contrary to the philosophy and purpose of Walsh University. The University is committed to achieving and maintaining equality of opportunity in intercollegiate athletics without regard to sex, race, or background. Equity would dictate receptiveness to student athlete concerns including those of gender and minority. Equal access to all academic services and support must be advanced. Fairness in athletic treatment of all student-athletes must be maintained.

Walsh University insists that intercollegiate athletics must be directed and controlled in the same manner as all other academic and extracurricular activities. In matters of administration and finance, the Director of Athletics is directly responsible to the President, and ultimately the University Board of Trustees.

Any member of the University’s Athletic Department who knowingly or implicitly encourages, suggests, or violates any National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Conference, or University regulation is subject to immediate suspension and/or dismissal. Our intercollegiate athletic programs should enhance the educational opportunities of the students who participate in them. University Athletic Department personnel share these institutional views and dedicate themselves to conducting the athletic program for which they are responsible in harmony with that philosophy. The University endorses the efforts of the NCAA to maintain academic and ethical standards to administer intercollegiate athletics.

Walsh University intends to operate its intercollegiate athletic programs in keeping with the finest American traditions and within the principles, rule, and regulations of the NCAA.