Walsh Student Athlete

Walsh University Student-Athlete
Student-athletes at Walsh will be enrolled in a degree program that will enable them to obtain, minimally, a four-year bachelor’s degree.  Academic progress of the student-athlete must take precedence over matters related purely to intercollegiate athletics.  Athletic talent will not be exploited at the expense of the educational and personal development of the student-athlete.  The University will coordinate the necessary support services to insure the well-being of those who compete in intercollegiate athletics and it will encourage and support programs to improve the academic performance of student-athletes.  The University will provide the best available coaching leadership, facilities, and equipment consistent with its fiscal resources.  Student-athletes shall accept the responsibility to become effective, contributing members of the University community and serve as positive influences on campus.

By means of various recruiting resources, the University athletic program will attempt to attract student-athletes who display a realistic potential to graduate within the academic curriculum.  Men and women who participate in intercollegiate athletic programs at Walsh shall be expected to maintain the academic standards required of all students at the University and adhere to applicable GLIAC, NCAA, and ECAC regulations.  The University realizes the publicity that an athletic program attracts and intends to recruit student-athletes who reflect an image consistent with the institutional aims of learning and higher education.

Every student who participates in intercollegiate athletics becomes a member of a team.  By accepting this privilege of team membership, the student-athlete is responsible for conduct which does not bring discredit to the University, the department of intercollegiate athletics, teammates or self.  To that end, the student-athlete must behave in a sportsmanlike manner and in a manner befitting a representative of the University.

Walsh University Student-Athlete Handbook